Model: REF 75 SE
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Audio Research


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VACUUM TUBE STEREO POWER AMPLIFIER, 75 WATTS The Reference 75 SE is a stunning amplifier in every way – performance, styling and reliability combined to elevate your music listening to a new experience. Capable of controlling a wide variety of speakers, the Reference 75 SE will transport you into the musical performance unlike any other comparable amplifier. At the heart of the Reference 75 SE is decades of proven Audio Research vacuum tube technology, a legacy unrivaled by any other manufacturer of tube electronics. Developed through hundreds of hours of critical listening, the carefully selected components comprising the Reference 75 SE combine to provide an amplifier which transcends traditional hi-fi, instead relaying music with realism and tangibility.


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“The Ref 75 was (and is) a truly magical amplifier. It was one of those amps that
are so good if a friend said ‘oh, I don’t like it’ you’d question their sanity, their
hearing, and maybe even your friendship. It’s that good and inspires that kind of
passion from its users. And the Ref 75SE does all that, raised to a higher power.
Highly recommended? You bet!”, Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+ 126, September 2015
Winner of numerous awards, the REF 75SE is a stunning amplifier – striking performance, styling and reliability
combine to elevate your music listening to a new plateau. Capable of driving a wide variety of speakers, the
REF 75SE will surprise you with its authority, dynamics and the control of a much larger amplifier.
Audio Research’s Reference series amplifiers have earned a reputation for being part of the select group of
the world’s finest vacuum tube amplifiers. The REF 75SE is the least expensive Reference amplifier, but by no
means an entry-level component. The SE takes advantage of new circuit advancements and the KT150 power
tube, offering the sonic finesse of larger Reference amplifiers in a lighter and cooler-running package.
The REF 75SE shares its circuit with the Reference 150SE and 250SE power amplifiers, all designed around the
KT150 output tube. This 75 watt per channel stereo amplifier’s chassis has the same dimensions as the REF
150SE and REF 250SE, yet it tips the scale at less than fifty pounds. It also offers a similar aesthetic with the
rest of the Reference series; a thick aluminum front panel, with the machined front handles that have been an
Audio Research hallmark. The REF 75SE includes a pair of power output meters that can also indicate the bias
of each output tube.
With its clean, clear, and dynamic presentation, the REF 75SE provides a transparent window into the
performance, revealing the size and dimensionality of the recording venue while allowing the emotional
impact to seduce the listener—you’ll find yourself drawn into the music for hours on end. The REF 75SE makes
a stunning addition to your music system that will stand the test of time.
After nearly 50 years, our focus remains the advancement of the state-of-the-art in music reproduction. Every
component is meticulously hand-crafted and personally auditioned before it leaves our factory. Our attention
to detail, customer service, and product support create unprecedented value. An Audio Research component
is more than a purchase, it’s an investment.
We invite you to hear the difference by visiting your nearest Audio Research dealer for an audition.